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Edit: It occurred to me that I should probably tell you a thing. The name is Francie. I'm 16, asexual, wtfromantic, and a relationship anarchist. If you have questions, ask! I promise I don't bite!




An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.


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I am first to advocate that asexuals needs more education and awarenes especially in LBGT+ circles, but asexuals also need to be aware of their privileges as well. Asexuals do have their share of issues: medical professionals not taking asexuality seriously and wanting to treat it, people being…

Asexual people are discriminated against more than you would think. Often, people will dehumanize people who identify openly as asexual, in two very different ways. A lot of people view asexuals being like robots, devoid of emotion. Other people view asexual people in an animalistic light.
People are also less willing to rent an apartment to asexual people, and are less willing to hire them too. (I’m on my phone right now, or else I would link to that study) People who are asexual can also be denied the right to adopt.
No, there haven’t been a lot of cases where asexual people have been disowned. Why? Asexuality isn’t often seen as “a thing,” and there exists a large number of people who don’t even know what it is. For many people, they think it’s just celibacy. Whereas people accept that it’s possible for people to be homosexual, bisexual, etc. they often don’t think asexuality is even a real thing.
Also, asexual people are protected by law in only one or two states. That means that if someone tries to rape a person who is asexual to “cure” them, or if someone assaults another person for being asexual, laws against hate crimes do not cover these scenarios in most states.
And that’s in addition to all the struggles asexual people face.
I’m not saying that asexual people should always be “center stage,” but I don’t think it’s fair to rank privilege as each group faces different struggles, and no one’s should be invalidated.


asexual life

A boy can dream, right?


Sometimes I wish I was asexual. That would probably be the coolest fuckin thing ever! But I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible for me. The reason that’d be so cool is because then I could make a bunch of copies of myself like clones, but not artificially. I would grow my army and destroy everything I hate. Like broccoli.

That’s asexual reproduction, not asexuality.
Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction. That’s all. Asexuals don’t undergo budding or any other form of asexual reproduction.

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[casually head canons every character as asexual]


QUESTION: how did everyone’s sex ed class explain asexuality?  I’m asking because my class had a MAJOR erasure and only talked about heterosexuality the entire time and talked about homosexuality for about an hour and a half.

Health class explaining asexuality- nah. If that had happened, I wouldn’t hand felt so alone a little later on. My health class (in a very republican and very Christian town) covered heterosexuality and abstinence. It pushed abstinence, and we briefly went over ways of birth control otherwise. We never talked about sexual orientations other than straight, and we were explicitly told that any sec other than your standard penis-n-vagina sex was dangerous and should not be attempted because no other part if the body is meant to interact like that.

*rolls eyes*

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Interested in studying asexuality? Here’s some good places to start


1. Asexual Explorations: http://www.asexualexplorations.net/home/

This site includes an excellent bibliography of all the major published papers on asexuality; it also has supplementary information on related topics such as HSDD. You should check out the asexual explorations blog as well – it…

"omg love sucks i’m going asexual"




Being asexual is not easy for some. A lot of us spend our entire lives being turned down for potential dates simply because we tell them beforehand that there’s not going to be any sex.

You complain about being seen as a sexual object on the street; our entire romantic lives are reduced to a small percentage due to the fact that we are refused love because we refuse intercourse.

You complain about getting whistled at while we are forced to accept the fact that we can’t have a life with someone because we were seen as little more than a sexual object.

Being asexual is not easy for some. We have to deal with the constant plant jokes and the contempt laughter of ignorants just thinking that we are nothing but rape victims or prudes who don’t want to put out.

Gay women complain because they’re always asked “How do you two have sex?”

And here we are constantly facing the question of “How do you survive without sex?”

The world thinks it has the overwhelming burden of people wanting sex from them, but we have to stand our ground and forcefully say “No, I’d still be asexual after an hour with you.”

We are not a fad. You can’t just ‘be’ asexual.

We aren’t a joke for you to crack at and laugh about.

We are real people.

And we struggle a lot more than you think.