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Hiya! I'm Francie, 17, asexual, aromantic spectrum, and a romantic anarchist. If you have questions about any of that or anything else, feel free to ask! I don't bite!

Hi friends!
This is different than what I usually post, but I need y’all to help me out. My psychology project is due tomorrow, and I realized last night that I massively screwed up one of the questions that are crucial to the results of my experiment. Thus, I remade the survey and fixed the question, but now I need responses. It would mean the world to me if y’all could fill this out- it’s quick- it’s just looking at artwork!



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(I had no idea this existed. Wow.)

Asexual Weddings


The night ends. The couple goes to their hotel room together. Everybody knows what happens when the wedding is over. They’ll be up all night…

… Eating the rest of the wedding cake.

So if straight people are Children of the Moon, and gay men are Children of the Sun, and lesbians are Children of the Earth… what does that make ace people?

Can we be the Children of Mars or Neptune or something?

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I am asexual, and we are not a myth.


I am asexual, and we are not a myth.

I missed your posts. I'm glad you're back!


School/life has been hectic (also politically tumblr has been volatile) but thanks!!! I’m glad to be back!


Because nobody deserves to feel alone.


Because nobody deserves to feel alone.


I want a place for asexuals and aromantics to be able to meet. It seems like so many “gay” spaces are clubs and I want a place that’s a cozy space for watching movies and hanging out where sex and romance aren’t implied

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definition: Someone who is only sexually/romantically attracted to someone thet they are less familiar with, and lose interest when they get to know the person. [Old French: An Ash tree. Old English: Stranger.]

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i just want someone to play with my hair and call me cute names and also not want to have sex